Good Domain Name Picking Guide for Your Blog Setup

BlogThe most important thing that should come into your mind when setting up a blog is a good domain name. Finding a good name for your website can be tough. When you decide to start a new blog, and start looking around for a domain name, you may find that everything you think of is already taken. This article describes why it is important to choose a good domain name up front. It also describes some picking tips and general outlines that should be followed.

Why pick a good domain name for your blog?

The main reason for choosing a good name is that you are more likely to stick with the set domain name for the rest of the blog’s life. However, you may change the domain hosting provider from time to time depending on the reliability of the hosting company, but the domain name will remain the same. Changing this name after getting established is a tall order and by doing so, you risk losing a lot of traffic. You need to pick a good name that you can live with from the start.

How to choose a good domain name for your blog

There are no hard rules on how the name should be selected. However, below are the general guidelines that should be followed when choosing the name.

(i) Use KeywordsDH_Banner_250x250

Make use of keywords in the domain name that give a description of your site. The name should suggest the nature of your service or product. A good name gives an exact description of what the site is all about. A visitor should get an idea of your site just by looking at the domain name. Eg – “”, for a site dealing with diamond products.

(ii) Easy to remember

The name should be easy to remember since your site visitors may need to type the name in a web browser. If you use long and complex words, you risk losing valuable traffic. Do not use a super long name as doing so will work towards your disadvantage.

(iii) Keep the name short

A good name should be shorter than 10 characters. When the name is short, it becomes easy to remember. Although it is incredibly hard to get short names, try not to end up with an irrelevant super long name.

(iv) Use hyphen if needed

You may use the hyphen (-) in between words if needed, in defining your domain name. A good example can be “”. Doing so helps improve readability and in search engine rankings.

(v) Domain name extension

Try as you can to get the “.com” Top Level Domain Extension as it is the most popular on the web. Others that can equally be useful are “.net” and “.org” extensions.

General Tips

Blogging at home– If the main commodity of your business is YOU, then you can use “” as the domain name as this works out well if you are an author, coach, speaker, etc.

– If your business is based on products or services, use “” or your “”

– Avoid legal conflict. Spend some time researching around to ensure that you are not choosing a name that is similar to an already established rival.

– Beware of scammers. Make sure you buy a domain name from a company that has been accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN’s)