How to Come Up With Captivating Content For a New Blog

Content is KingStarting a blog always sounds like much fun. In the beginning, you are always overwhelmed about posting, sharing and getting comments. However, after the first few posts, you start to get a little lax. You either forget to post or feel like you have got nothing new to post. This trend may continue until you quit blogging altogether. We are going to look at some tried and tested techniques of coming up with blog post ideas without losing the required creative spark.

How to come up with content

Coming up with a consistent, compelling, creative and relevant content can be a difficult task. To be a consistent blogger without burning out, you need to love what you are writing about, be it marketing, product reviews, traveling in India, fantasy football, and so on. You should come up with a ton of blog topics and plan how to get them written and scheduled. This would require a complete worksheet to get you started. You need to come up with blog content sheet of the things you could write about pertaining your area of interest.

Below are some of the areas to get some ideas from, to kick start your blogging campaign.

  1. Your own content

Content Blogging involves writing about what you like and what you are best suited at. You may have a lot of unique ideas that you need to share with the world. These ideas might be originating from an inspiration, your experience or expertise. Readers will be interested to read about the unique content you can share. If you are blogging for business, you will always have ideas about business services and other reporting.

  1. Social Media Forums

You can browse other social media forums to see if there is anything that sparks your interests. Look for the articles that other people are sharing or linking to, and see what is trending. Use this medium as a guide to writing about what people are interested about that time. Reason out how you can use these topics to twist content based on your creativity to produce high-quality content. After all, you should not post anything that is out of your readers’ interest.

  1. Browse through other blogs

Another great idea is to browse through what other bloggers are writing about. Look at those blogs you read on a daily basis and try to identify what’s tick that keep you coming back. Doing the evaluation will enable you to get a precise information that will spur an idea to write about. Concerning getting ideas from other blogs, keep in mind staying away from plagiarizing any content as Google and any other search engines always love new and fresh content.

  1. News/Current Affairs

You are sure to have a reaction to some news or current affairs concerning an issue. This presents a perfect ground to write about. What you are writing about is already in the media domain, and people will be interested in having a different explanation or criticism to what is happening in their midst. It is up to you to add any other comparisons and flair to make the story more captivating.

  1. Ask your readers

BloggingYou may need to talk to your readers to evaluate their reactions on different issues, their interests, dislikes and any problem they might be facing. Doing so will provide you with the required inspiration to put down a few items together and blog about. You can ask questions from a blog post, a Twitter chat, Facebook comments sections, Google Plus hangouts and many others.

  1. From Google search

Use Google and any other relevant search engine to check out the “search terms” people have been using. You can then create a post based on the information you get from the search engine. You may need to check out the top ten most searched items relating to your niche and come up with some great or unique ideas and inspiration for your next post.

  1. Review your previous posts

Another excellent way of getting ideas to write about is to review your previous posts. They may post that you may need to rewrite and post again. If your traffic has grown, it may be possible that some readers may not have come across those posts.

If you are writing a blog that has posts relating to varying subjects, getting blogging ideas will be an easier task. You can write about anything from fashion, marketing, money, politics, food or recipes, current news, upcoming events and so on. Remember the audience of your blog and write interesting posts that will keep them coming back for more. Blogging requires relentless efforts and at last you shall find a breakthrough.