Web Hosting Guide for Beginners

BloggingMaking a choice on which web hosting company to go for can be a hard task. There are many companies out there all promising to have 99 percent uptime, timely support, and unlimited resources. However, there are some specific factors to be considered so as to make an informed decision. This guide helps you make the right decision by showing you how to make the appropriate comparisons to getting the package that best suits your needs.

  1. Price

Jumping at the cheapest offer available may not be the best idea, especially if you are relying on your site to make money. Things such as non-outsources support and quality hardware usually cost more money, and any hosting company that has a bogus charge won’t offer these features. Take a closer look at the features each host provides and then compare the prices.

  1. The area of focus/specialtiesBlog

Some hosts offer great shared plans but do not have solutions that are suitable for growing business. Others may have great enterprise solutions but are not fit for people with small recipe blogs. Look into a company’s area of expertise before making a purchase

  1. Tech specs and limitations

In case your plans are to host a blog or an e-commerce site with plenty of rich content and videos, then you should NOT go for the cheapest hosting package available. Any cheap host would not probably offer the required RAM, processing power and disk space to serve all the needs.

  1. Technical support

When your site goes down, you should call and get a real live person on the phone. They should be able to find out what’s wrong and be in a position to fix the mess. When seeking the services of a hosting provider, look into their reputation for customer support and the available modes of communication.

  1. Features/Add-Ons

Look at that makes that particular hosting company unique. Look at the extra add-ons they provide that makes them more attractive. Are there multiple data centers, additional features, energy saving practices, regular data backups and free domain privacy?

  1. Hardware

What kind of systems and machines does your hosting company use? Are they top of the line and top-notch? Are they hybrid or just cobbled together? If a hosting company does not specify the kind of servers they use, you may need to be skeptical since the hardware will be a key determinant of performance.

  1. Control Panel/User Interface

Things such as installing WordPress, setting up FTP accounts, setting up emails and others, should be quite easy to be done without calling the support. Check if the host provider has tools in place to make navigation and basic configuration to be easy.

Notable Web Host Providers

Based on the seven factors we have looked at in this guide, we present to you, based on extensive research and available reviews, four of the leading, if not the best web hosting companies available on the internet.

(i) Dreamhosthttps://www.dreamhost.com/

DH_Banner_250x250It is one of the web’s most popular hosts that offers both standard shared plans starting as low as $8.95/month. It has dedicated server plans for customers with larger bandwidth and availability needs.

(ii) Hostgatorhttp://www.hostgator.com/

The Hostgator Company rolls out the red carpet for its new customers with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and tons of easy to install site templates. There is guaranteed uptime all starting from $3.96/month for most affordable plans.

(iii) Bluehosthttps://www.bluehost.com/

Bluehost is a reputable company that starts its shared plans at $4.95/mo. Customers get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited file transfer, unlimited disk space, free domain registration, unlimited email and many more.

(iv) Linodehttps://www.linode.com/

Linode is best known for offering Virtual Private Server hosting where you spin up a virtual server with memory, disk space and file transfer in the application you need to build. Linode servers can be used as remote desktop replacements, in web apps, and in cloud-based applications. The pricing typically varies based on the type of server you are looking for and the resources you want.