Blog Commenting Stategies For Marketing Your Site

BlogBlog commenting strategy focuses on getting valuable backlinks from other blogs or websites. Many savvy bloggers now understand how blog commenting can serve as a powerful marketing strategy. When you post insightful and helpful comments on blog articles related to your niche, you drive significant traffic to your site and increase its authoritativeness within your industry. Commenting assist you in building backlinks efficiently and brand image quickly.

Importance of Blog Commenting

  1. Increasing visibility/Brand Awareness

Engaging in any blog commenting is one of the best ways to increase your visibility to the online readers who are interested in your niche. The participation can yield awareness and branding to the blog’s audience.

  1. Driving traffic

money bloggingSpecially written comments with links entice readers to click the link and land on your site. You will drive traffic directly to your site, and the traffic will represent individuals interested in reading your content.

  1. SEO/Search Rankings

Your blog pages get a higher ranking in SERPS when it has many backlinks. A genuine and proven way of building backlinks is by commenting. A click made by the user from another site/blog earns you a backlink, boosting your blog’s search ranking.

  1. Powerful Marketing Tool

Blog commenting presents a very powerful marketing strategy. The insightful comments and opinions that you leave on other sites may drive a substantial amount of traffic to your site. Once at your site, you can subject the readers to all forms of products and services your blog has to offer.

How to Write Comments that Will Get Attention

The act of posting a comment is not as important as the actual content and message relayed by the remark. When you post thoughtful, ethical and helpful comments, you will attract a lot of attention from readers. Below are some commenting tips and guidelines to get you started;

– Format your blog contents properly as you would do it in your blog.Blogging

– Strive to challenge the theory of the blog poster or commenters without directly attacking them. This will portray you as more experienced in that field, and readers would be interested to hear from you.

– Ensure that your blog comment brings a new element to the discussion, and not just a reiteration of something already posted.

– Take your time to compose a thoughtful, insightful and helpful comment.

The best time to comment on a post is when the article has yet to receive a comment. By being the first to comment, future readers will more likely notice your comment as this will ensure that your comment receives as much exposure as possible.

CAPTCHA Plugins to Avoid Blog Spam

If you are having trouble with spammers who troll on your blog or those who mess with the community on your site, you can install CAPTCHA plugins to help you get rid of these spam. For WordPress bloggers, you can install the AKISMET  plugin as it is among the best, actually if not the best on the market. Other plugins that can be used include;


– Simple CAPTCHA

– Are You a Human