Blog A blog is an abbreviation of “weblog” and it’s a term used to describe websites that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information. Blogging involves the act of writing blog posts. A person who writes content for the blogs is known as a blogger, and he/she form part of the online community of blogs and bloggers (blogosphere). Many blogs focus on a particular area such as web design, sports, home improvement, blogging itself, mobile technology, etc.

The main reasons for blogging involve; boosting your business online visibility, building customer trust, growing streams of organic search traffic, creating opportunities for sharing, increasing search engine optimization, developing relationships with potential and existing customers, and making money from various marketing and advertising options at your disposal.

This website focuses on all you need to know about blogging. The site will discuss what blogging is about, getting started (blog setup), how to create content for your blog, establishing your site, site optimization and making money from your blog. In brief, below outlines a summary of the key elements that will form the backbone of our upcoming articles.

  1. Blog Setup (Getting started)

– Getting a good domain name

– How to get a cheap and reliable web hosting solution

– Setting up WordPress on your Blog

– How to configure a beautiful theme for your WordPress blog and things to consider when selecting a theme

– Which plugins to use and how to integrate them into the WordPress System.

– Creating your blog posts

  1. Creating Content for Your Blog

– Tips for writing blog articles faster

– Finding new blog topics

– How to write article headlines that attract more customers

– How to handle negative comments

– Ethics for your online success

  1. Establishing your blog

– What’s next after you are done writing quality content?

– Link building using blog posts

– Blog commenting strategy

– Ways of boosting your blog readership

– Blogging success formula and tricks

– Protecting your blog from attack- Security Issues

  1. Site Optimization

– Installing Google Analytics to track your site

– SEO strategies to generate highly targeted traffic

– The WordPress optimization tricks and tips for a better site performance and speed

– Plugins to speed up your WordPress site

– Tips on making your blog visitors stay longer

  1. Making Money from your Blog

– Beginners Guide to Google AdSense

– Understanding PPC and CPM

– Making money from Affiliate Marketing

– Monetizing a site through AdSense

– How to increase your Sales Page Conversion

– How to increase blog income with leveraging

We will be writing and publishing content on how to start a blog site from scratch and discuss ways of making money online over the next few months as time permits. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave them in the comments section below, and we shall follow them up!