I thanked Linda, who gave me the name of Michelle, a public relations representative whose job was to mediate between the conference and the media. Before phoning Michelle, I retired to a coffee house to draft a polemic against the Democrat I had previously thought most qualified to lead his party's ticket in 2008. Among my better thrusts, I questioned Gore's pose as a private citizen” in light of the fact that he has twice (so far) been a candidate for the presidency, served in the U.S. Senate, served as V.P. for eight years and recently strutted all over the stage at the Academy Awards collecting an Oscar for his documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.”

SAN FRANCISCO — TV chip vendor MaxLinear Inc. Wednesday (April 11) rolled out what the company bills as the world's smallest silicon tuner for mobile TV, the MxL7001.

In an ESC keynote address, Intel's Davis highlighted the growing challenges facing embedded-systems designers as more information is generated and stored, and security becomes paramount. The lines between embedded applications and infrastructure are blurring, he said, and users have no tolerance for systems that don't work as advertised. As an example, Davis cited last month's merging of America West's and U.S. Air's computer systems. The move, he said, was remarkably successful, with thousands of reservations handled nearly seamlessly. But there were a few hundred instances of travelers being negatively affected, and these problems generated the most press, he said.