This chipset addresses many of the considerations discussed earlier in this article and provides a solid migration path to a lower cost BOM. Using devices that are currently in production or sampling, this solution takes future-proofing into consideration, leveraging handset market economies of scale, a small footprint, and an integrated power detector to facilitate radio calibration.

MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) is expected to become popular as a solution to enhance data throughput and quality of communication in complex propagation environments.

Most enterprise IP-Phones like Siemens' OpenStage series already support wideband. The enterprise market for wideband is an excellent proof of concept as it is much easier to control the hard and software running on the end points. The deployment of HD voice in the residential space is much more difficult. Wideband requires that both parties in a call have wideband capable hardware and that the phone immediately shifts up to the best codec available.