The ACROSS (Artemis Cross-Domain Architecture) project aims at providing an industrialization approach for common architectural solutions based on the EC Framework Program Seven (FP7) funded project GENESYS results, including a FPGA-based 'multi-processor system on a chip' implementation of a 'network on a chip', tailored middleware components and flexible, embedded tools.

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20) C. Lauterbach, S. Yoon, D. Tuft, and D. Manocha. RT-DEFORM: Interactive Ray Tracing of Dynamic Scenes using BVHs. IEEE Symposium on Interactive Ray Tracing, 2006.

The semaphore protocol is typically used for these pathways due to its ability to transmit both data and event timing information. The very nature of handshaking requires that both the sending and receiving tasks must temporarily synchronize their operation to complete the transfer.

Acoustic Modeling All GA techniques deal with finding propagation paths between each source and the listener. The sound waves travel from a source (e.g., a speaker) and arrive at a listener (e.g., a user) by traveling along multiple propagation paths representing different sequences of reflections, diffraction, and refractions at the surfaces of the environment. Figure 1 shows an example of such paths.