Artificial Muscle was spun out of SRI to commercialize artificial muscle technology on exclusive terms. AMI became an independent company in early 2004 with venture capital financing from Vanguard Ventures, ARCH Venture Partners, and NGEN Partners.

But algorithms that can leverage the cores and hardware threading are only the starting point, noted Ratter. Improving the cache architecture of the system can also boost throughput by a factor two, he added. Tuning the instruction set enables designers to further improve throughput.

The Serial ATA macro consists of a PHY-control block, PHY core block and PHY I/O block, Fujitsu said. The 10G macro includes a differential PCML transmitter, reference clock input for PLL, with an LVDS interface, OC-192 jitter tolerance mask and synchronous data-transfer capability using CDR, according to the company. The PCI Express macro supports data rates from 2.5 gigabits-per-second to 3.25 gigabits-per-second, Fujitsu said, and is aimed at applications that require higher bandwidth and lower power consumption than predecessor designs using the PCI standard.