Extending the high-density products in Cherokee's ac/dc line will be the CAR series of 2U, 1,500-W switchers (ac to 48 Vdc) and a 1U, 500-watt ac-to-12-V switcher. The company says it's one of the first to use the controller-area network bus for network communications in one of its applications, saying CAN provides all of the inherent advantages of a true digital bus.

The Princess Royal is in Scotland today for the opening of Sun Microsystems' expanded manufacturing facility in Linlithgow. The company has invested $57m in expanding the plant, which now offers 175 percent more manufacturing capability, an increase of 140,000sq ft of space.

Tracepoint software includes a rich definition language that includes the ability to set conditional tracepoints, enable or disable other tracepoints, and perform call stack traces. Conditional tracepoints collect data only if a line of code is executed and conditional statements evaluate to true. A conditional tracepoint that is triggered but does not evaluate to true consumes only a small number of clock cycles.