This year's group of EEs and managers does level off in the lower $90s at about the age of 40, and stays there until they reach the 55-59 age group. Then the veterans buck the trend, turning in average mean base salaries of $98,910, the highest of any age bracket. We don't have a really good explanation. Only 11 managers are represented in the 55-59 bracket, so their generally higher salaries are not a factor.

TI offers the gas gauge with the new bq29312 AFE protection circuit. The device provides safety protection for overcharge, overload, short-circuit, overvoltage, and undervoltage conditions with the battery-management host processor. In overload and short-circuit conditions, the bq29312 turns the FET drive off autonomously, depending on the internal configuration setting.

Gartner Inc. (Stamford, Conn.), a market analyst firm, projects that 10 percent of the information technology positions will be displaced in the next 18 months as jobs go overseas.