This broad gamut of options addresses the expectations of an equally wide range of user skill sets and preferences. A freshly-minted engineer viewing circuit traces via web interface to ECAD might want to type in just a signal name as an input and get the expected diagram in return. A seasoned power user, in contrast, might prefer to control everything, from the overall configuration down to the exact drafting conventions applied to schematic elements such as devices and nets.

3GPP WLAN interworking architecture design work is focused on the interworking functionality between 3GPP and WLAN systems. To achieve a 3GPP-WLAN interworking architecture that is widely adopted, it is imperative to use the existing de facto WLAN access equipment.

A common technique used in timing closure is seed sweeping”. This is running multiple different seeds to determine which will give the best result for your design. In the past, seed sweeping resulted in large changes in performance. Today, the average change in performance for the latest FPGA technologies is in the ±5% range. Note this can change significantly from FPGA vendor to FPGA vendor and family to family.