I try to tell suppliers everything I know. The more information flowing through the supply chain the better. That's when you have intelligent suppliers,” Metty said, speaking at the recent Supply Network Conference in San Jose

For any electrical data bus network, the effects of termination impedance at the nodes and at the line extremes must be considered as the signaling period becomes comparable to the propagation time of a signal across the bus. Signal reflections will be generated at any discontinuity in the bus characteristic impedance. If all reflections (primary and secondary) occur during the transition time of the signaling period, they may be neglected. However, if significant signal changes are caused after the transition time has elapsed, these reflections reduce the margin of the signal compared to a threshold. Along with induced electrical noise and signal attenuation, reflections are a contributor towards data bit errors.

To that end, examine what your organization wants to achieve. Build consensus and focus. And create call center processes and services that advance the organization's mission: Everything in the call center should be linked to your organization's strategy.