Cypress doesn't provide sales figures at the product level, so it is not known how much revenue PSoCs generate or how quickly that revenue is growing. In the second quarter, Cypress said programmable and proprietary products—including PSoCs—accounted for 79.2 percent of the company's $155.8 million in revenue. (Cypress is due to announce its third quarter numbers on Oct. 15).

Such an idea is not new. The industry considered the uniprocessor-plus-FPGA-fabric nearly ten years ago, in the form of companies such as Elixent Ltd. (Bristol, England), spun out of Hewlett-Packard Labs and subsequently acquired by Panasonic. There are other examples, indeed Xilinx has been offering PowerPC plus FPGA fabric ICs, but in general the concept has not seen a lot of take up.

Designers can use the $999 EVM3517 evaluation module with a Linux software development kit. Windows Embedded CE support is planned for 4Q09 and additional operating systems and RTOS are planned for 1Q 2010.