10. ILOG Inc. www.ilog.com Featuring a framework of reusable-code modules for supply-chain modeling and optimization and for the development of business rules, ILOG's software components are designed to help maximize return on investment in the supply chain.Modeling problems mathematically, ILOG's custom software components enable improved planning for better coordination of supply, production, and distribution activities. Using modular code elements and adding business-specific extensions, proprietary expertise, and operation-related data, ILOG's SCM optimization software can model and optimize virtually any supply chain, according to the company.Modules like the ILOG Dispatcher help reduce delivery time and cost by streamlining transportation dispatch and scheduling.The company's end-to-end SCM software includes visualization and optimization support for supply-chain network design, sales and operations, inventory planning, manufacturing, distribution, transportation planning, order promising, and production and shipment scheduling.

Gerry Hsu, president and chief executive officer of Avanti (Fremont, Calif.), revealed in a November conference call that Avanti will announce five or six” new software products in January. The release, originally planned for November 2000, is the culmination of a two-year nanometer initiative” undertaken by Avanti, Hsu said.