According to Cavium, the OCTEON SSP delivers two to four times higher compute cycles versus many alternatives and integrates advanced hardware acceleration for RAID, compression, de-duplication, security and iSCSI. OCTEON SSP enables storage equipment vendors to build low to high-end scalable storage solutions providing up to 3 million on-chip virtual IOPS, 10Gbps of iSCSI, 1GB/s of compression/decompression, up to 2GB/s of in-line encryption in a single chip and up to 10GB/s of RAID acceleration.

Hiring Plans :This is a leverage year for the company, which means we need to maximize the return we get from our IT areas. We have invested in some above the curve” staff to help lead us in this area. We are looking for at least one programmer with great .Net” skills, and a help desk guy who understands the practical theory behind what they do AND who have excellent customer service skills.

However, Ovum cautions that the level of success of 3G in the 900MHz band will depend on multiple countries making this spectrum band available in a harmonized way, so that equipment manufacturers have a large market to target and can quickly achieve economies of scale, particularly for handsets.