Das Zurücksetzen von IP-Adressen und die Eingabe von Programmänderungen erfolgt über DIP-Schalter. Das Ethernet-Kommunikationsmodul kann als flexible vernetzte I/O-Verbindung für einen PC mit NI LabVIEW dienen. Entwickler können die neue Baugruppe auch gemeinsam mit dem FP-2000 verwenden, welches mit LabVIEW Real-Time zur Programmierung von eingebetteten Mess- und Steuerungsapplikationen arbeitet.

ASOC, which stands for application-specific optical circuits, was the original technology on which Andrew Rickman, Bookham's founder and chairman, based the company's beginnings. However, the technology was never quite extended to meet its full technological potential of highly integrated optical circuits switched and controlled via electronic signals.

Insight RT's Concept Recognition Engine, an internally developed technology, analyzes text in real time and categorizes the information. Some of the software's default categories include tone, urgency and profanity. But you can customize any number of categories to evaluate messages for conditions such as sales opportunities, retention opportunities and product ideas.