It's no good to have an electrical connection if you don't communicate,” Sannipoli said.

Amkor is acting to protect the interests of its employees, shareholders and the investment community by bringing the ITC lawsuit against Carsem,” Boruch added. We have given Carsem every opportunity to license our MLF patents. Unfortunately, Carsem has been unresponsive to our offer to license. We will protect our intellectual property.”

Infineon Technologies will roll out the newest member of its 32-bit security controller family. The SLE88CFX4000P, built on Infineon's proprietary 32-bit core, features flexible on-chip memory of up to 400 kbytes of configurable E2PROM. It will be pitched as a highly integrated secure platform for high-end mobile SIM cards, national ID cards and payment cards, according to Juergen Kuttruff, vice president and general manager for the Secure Mobile Solutions business group at Infineon.