Advantages of a Centralized Approach One such idea for re-architecture is the concept of centralized architecture”. Centralizing traditionally distributed functions into a single piece of silicon can result in fewer chips and substantial reduction in system complexity yielding faster time-to-market (TTM). The benefits of this approach include reduced cost, reduced time-to-market, enhanced reliability, power savings, and higher density. Let's see how this concept can be applied to an ADM-on-a-chip device.

Video phones have started to appear in the U.S., but are primarily focused on the Asia and European markets (the Samsung 5-megapixel phone, for example, is currently available only in Korea), where they are much more widely used. Don't expect Americans to buy many video phones in before 2006, especially since cellular providers charge extra for sending and receiving video streams (as they do photos).

EET: The via should be the core of the 3-D LSI. How can you make small-diameter vias?