Eltoukhy emphasized that a successful patent program must be easy on an engineer's time and must come with incentives. Often people use cash incentives for each step in the process,” he said. These guys are very busy.”

Zvi Or-Bach, CEO and founder of eASIC said in a statement: This achievement demonstrates how a user of the eASIC configurable logic technology has been able to reach the goal of customizing high density logic chips in a matter of days. This new reality of rapid design with no NRE is becoming available for high end applications in the form of domain specific platforms by STMicroelectronicsand for the main stream in the form of FlexASIC structured ASIC solution we are rolling out jointly with Flextronics Semiconductors.”

The new drives also offer an optional serial ATA interface supporting Native Command Queuing and power-management features useful both in notebooks and often thermally challenged server blades.