TSMC announced consolidated net sales of NT$38.43 billion (about $1.27 billion), an increase of 2.1 percent over September 2010 and 27.2 percent up on October 2009. However, the growth fell short of the average of the October-over-September growth TSMC achieved in the previous ten years which is 6.4 percent sequential growth, With the best and worst years taken out TSMC's October-over-September growth has averaged 5.6 percent over the last decade.

Microsemi Corporation, a leading provider of semiconductor technology aimed at building a secure, smart, connected world, announced that its SOC Products Division, formerly known as Actel Corporation, today unveiled its new 65nm embedded flash platform, on which the company's next generation flash-based customizable SOCs (system-on-chips) will be built.

The most recent Top 500 list of supercomputers shows Gigabit Ethernet dominates as an interconnect due to its low cost, but it is on the decline. Infiniband which provides faster throughput and lower latency is on the rise.