Winchester, UK – First Solar Inc., has entered into new long-term module supply agreements with Sorgenia Solar, a developer of large-scale, grid-connected solar power plants in Italy and extended module supply agreements with several of First Solar's existing customers including EDF Energies Nouvelles, Ecostream, Juwi and Phoenix Solar AG.

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Thierry Van der Pyl, Director in the European Commission commented: In the past we have often had to watch as technology of European origin was transferred to foreign countries for volume production. COMEDD is meant to ensure that development as well as production know-how stays in Europe and that jobs will be secured”.

Developers got their first look at a new applications programming interface which expands the current pen interface on Windows Tablet PCs to include support for two-finger gestures such as zooming, popularized by Apple's iPhone. Microsoft also showed DeviceStage, a new way for devices such as cellphones or digital cameras to expose their features on a Windows PC.

Freescale also has an advantage with its MAPLE-B accelerator. The MSC8156 is the only DSP that claims to not need any FPGAs or ASICs to augment it for 3G/LTE base stations,” notes Forward Concept's Strauss. Although TI's chips include accelerators, they do not eliminate FPGAs. Thus, it appears that Freescale's accelerator gives it an additional performance advantage.